10 things which Munkchip enjoys in life:

Yes, I am totally aware that if you are in the bottom of you existence, it is totally possible that none of the things makes you happy and in this case forcing yourself like them usually would not work at all. That is why measures such as appointment with psychiatrist lets say must be taken to make yourself be able enjoy little things again.

Anyway, tonight I was reflecting what makes me happy in life right now, when I finally manage to feel positive emotions again. And voila, I came up with such a list!

  1. Over-drinking coffee

To be more precise, for me coffee is not only the liquid which I drink, it’s way more the ritual of drinking this life’s elixir. The ritual which revives me and freezes me in this perfect moment for some time but at that moment it feels as if it was for infinity. As if all the problems were left in the past and prominent perspectives – in the future. As if all the problems were left in the past and prominent perspectives – in the future.

2. Feeding ducklings

Yes, if anyone asks me what hobbies I have, I would definitely include duckling’s feeding to my top hobbies list. Feeding ducks with ducklings makes me so calm, relaxed and excited about cute ducklings moving all around and impatiently waiting for some bread.

3. Going for a walk while listening to the music

I absolutely adore going for a walk while listening to the music. In such case, I am totally okay about going for a walk on my own because I can calmly listen my favourite songs while forgetting everything around and diving into my daydream.

4. Taking exams

Yes, you understood right. I like taking exams because… it’s simply exciting especially when I have not prepared much. In such a case my exam is like an exciting challenge where you need to increase your efficiency as much as possible – study less, leave exam room fast and then get a good grade! And yes, I know it quite odd, but that is how I am.


I guess here no explanations are needed. I love discovering new places, observing panoramic views and feeling how my cultural capital is being boosted.

6. Running around like crazy

I am Hyperactive Munkchip and I cannot stop myself from this odd activity which includes jumping around, running around, laughing as much as you can. Amm, do not worry, I never do that when I am alone, it would look too creepy and would not be fun at all. However, as I spend so much time with my sister, I am lucky – jumping and running around is guaranteed.

7.Deep talks with reflective people

What I like more than running around like crazy, it’s deep talks with reflective people. I adore deep-thinking and reflective people and thus conversation with them must be totally refreshing and inspiring. What could be better than to dive into alternative world together with a person who is not about to drown in this complex world…

8. Dumb but cute Korean serials

Lately I have been watching them, and it is very relaxing even if the plot is dumb. Also, it purifies my head after facing with vulgar people in reality. Korean guys could look extremely cute by the way!

9. Dressing up well

There is no secret that majority of girls enjoy dressing up well. In fact I love professional looks and I try to dress so when I go out ( summer excluded).

10. Thinking about promising future & appreciation talks on what we have right now with my sister

Yes, it is really nice to hear confirmation that we are in the good path, that we are cool young adults who worked hard to have everything what we do have right now. I know all this, but it is good for me to hear that self praise from time to time. In the end, talking about appreciation of the present moment makes me happy too because I feel that I do right by trying to stop the time. Voila!

And what are the things which make you happy the most?

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